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Agneta Nestenborg



How to initiate a project in an open field outside Lund. Challenges of being a green field project without supporting organisation. How do you ensure project progress for constructing a facility in parallel to setting up an organization and creating a common culture.In addition to this - satisfying the expectation from the 15 European member states being the owner. Technical project mgmt. processer, DMSC

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Agneta Nestenborg is the Director for Project Support & Administration at ESS. Previously, Agneta Nestenborg was the Head of Nuclear Project Sponsors at Swedish energy utility Vattenfall AB. She holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry and at the beginning of her career was a user at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory. She also completed an Executive MBA.

Agneta Nestenborg's career spans from R&D and laboratory environments to managerial positions. She led large projects with budget responsibility including change management projects, e.g., Director of Operations during the closing down of the Swedish nuclear plant Barsebäck.  Agneta has also been responsible for the design and construction of laboratories, nuclear plant projects working with AREVA, and upgrading of hydropower stations.

Key Take-away

How a fast-growing multinational organization needs to adapt to the project progress.

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