The Agile PMO – Practical Value Driven Change Leadership in Projectsand Portfolios


Michael Nir


The Agile PMO – Practical Value Driven Change Leadership 50 percent of Project Management Offices (PMO) are terminated in 2 years. Yet, we repeat the same mistakes in our implementations! We use generic project control processes to stifle project and product delivery; focusing on cost, time, and scope, rather than leading our projects to deliver value. In this presentation we discuss an alternative model for a value driven PMO, as an integrator, enabler, differentiator, and change agent, in business development and the organization.

Key learning: We must deliver value to the organization. Value isn’t templates, tools and processes; rather, it is the ability to finish the right projects faster!

Speaker Biography

Michael Nir, Keynote Speaker, Connecting the Dots Lean Agile Inspiration Expert, Best Selling Author and Speaker; Committed to breakthrough results as well as the journey, Michael balances a passion for creativity and innovation alongside tested proven approaches for solution delivery. Michael inspires people and teams to change, cognitively and emotionally, building on enthusiasm from climbing the hill AND reaching the top.

Michael authored 9 books on leadership, agility, team leadership, and influencing, and is currently writing his 10th: "Succeed with Lean Startup in your corporation - The Guide to harnessing agile, lean, lean UX, design thinking and The Startup Way at scale"

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