From traditional waterfall to agile development


Andreas Ahlberg


Follow a group of mechatronic engineers on their journey from delivering hardware and software in a traditional project approach, to being fully agile and continuously delivering as a self-organized team. The Scrum team described is starting in-house software development this year. Two major areas to quickly succeed on is a tailor-made, yet company compatible, tool chain setup, and a role and competence matrix to make a successful team. This presentation will bring up initial matters such as meeting company directives and identifying gaps in the teams’ competence. Being in the midst of the implementation, some relevant examples of activities will be described and thoughts that emerge along the way. The transformation work for the organization follows and uses the SAFe framework.

Speaker Biography

Andreas has over 20 years of experience of working in the IT business as a project manager, business developer and technical writer. With software as a base, he has gathered influences from different companies within the technology areas of telecom, automotive and geographical IT.

Talent Triangle

Technical project management