Flow: Get everyone moving in the right direction ... and loving it


Andrew Kallman


Get everyone moving in the right direction … and loving it. In this session, the participant will learn how to create a sustainable, high-performance culture within their organization. Find out how to boost your productivity with Flow™. Flow is a new concept on the cutting edge of Agile and Business leadership. It is a completely new way to motivate and organize enterprises, departments and projects. Flow is your road map on how to reshape your organizational leadership, structure, and culture during your transformation to becoming Agile. Andrew will share the stunning results of the 2.5-year journey he helped lead as Portfolio Manager at Nature Publishing Group in NYC, from 2011 through 2013, heading up the Portfolio Management, the PMO and the Agile Transformation Group.

Speaker Biography

Andrew is currently working with Softronic’s Artificial Intelligence teams, helping them achieve and sustain high-performance. He trains, guides and mentors teams and organizations on how to attain a sustainable pace that Flows. He delivers outstanding value-add via world-class management consulting for portfolio, program, project and organizational leadership, enabling executive teams to implement their strategy and vision. He is the co-author of The Nehemiah Effect (http://tinyurl.com/me2gbkd) which describes how to strategically implement Flow and the Unified Vision Framework (UVF) to achieve the remarkable results desired. Combined, Flow and the UVF have delivered over $125 million in value during the past three decades for clients in the US, Europe and Asia. Let’s chat about getting you and your teams into the zone!

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