Agile administration of methods and models - does it work?


Ann-Louice Hammarberg



At CSN we are currently exploring the integration of maintenance and development of our methods and models in a common methodology, through which we manage procedures for business development, system development, scrum and ITIL. Coordination across departmental boundaries - from a holistic view - reduces the risk of ambiguity and breach or overlap between our working methods. We have an agile approach using Scrum, and plan the work in 4-week sprints based on a backlog in which content is updated on a day-to-day basis. There may be projects that need support, employee suggestions or the need for adaptations in methods and models based on changes in the environment. This presentation describes our approach to holistic thinking and getting things done.

Speaker Biography

Ann-Louice has worked in the IT industry since 1984, as a consultant, as well as an employee, in line organizations in both private and public sectors. She has worked - both as a customer and a supplier (on both the customer end and supplier end) - with project management, system maintenance, planning and monitoring, contract management, procurement, supplier contacts, process improvement, as well as with method, process, and organizational development. Ann-Louice has experience from many different roles, including manager, system developer, and project manager, and has worked with both applications and technical infrastructure. As a manager, leading change and has been a significant part of Ann-Louice’s work.

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