Agile change leadership for a successful implementation of new behaviors


Annette Wendin


Research shows that 90 % of well-defined strategies are not executed. You better be the 10 % that succeed! The vision of creating a sustainable way of working to secure strategic targets, collect and project benefits, and manage resources better, was crystal clear. But how – when you don’t know what you don’t know? In this session you will learn how to organize development and implementation of project and portfolio management as a change project, and why agile planning and execution can be a success factor. Annette will share her best practices and lessons learned from some of her own change projects - with true examples, true mistakes and true successes. 

Speaker Biography

Annette Wendin, PMP, ScrumMaster & MasterCoach, has over 20 years of experience in leading change projects and developing project maturity in organizations, the last 16 years as a consultant. She is a strategic, communicative, and intuitive change, project and process leader with an amazing toolbox and the courage to create change and connect people. She believes in the ability of human beings and the power of good intentions. In her assignments she delivers clarity, alignment, transparency, trust, insights, team spirit and ownership – as well as action plans and results.  She is the founder of INstant INfusion AB, and an appreciated speaker with a great sense of self-distance and humor. Her key to success is her energy and her empowering questions.

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