Why Program Management is Essential for IT Projects


Brad Bigelow


Program management offers a unique advantage for information technology projects, where interdependencies present significant technical as well as management challenges. Most discussions of program management focus just on the management dimensions (cost, schedule, risk, quality). For IT programs, however, the technical dimensions are also critical and often have management consequences as well. This presentation shows how program management can enable effective integration through management of both technical considerations — architecture, interfaces, requirements, testing — and traditional considerations. One of the biggest challenges that program management can help IT projects overcome is the basic tendency to minimize external dependencies, which might be a good approach for a stand-alone capability, but which can fundamentally undermine the value of an IT project. It also offers a model for PMOs that need to address both management and technical program support needs, particularly in a world where Agile delivery is becoming the norm for most IT projects.

Speaker Biography

With over three decades of experience in managing IT projects and programs, Brad Bigelow has worked in national and international organizations and has dealt with capabilities ranging from telephony to satellite operations, military command and control systems, and typical organizational IT. He has been a contributor to the Project Management Book of Knowledge and the 2017 edition of the PRINCE2TM  Manual, and recently served as a member of the Core Committee for the 4th edition of the Standard for Program Management. He has addressed project management conferences in Europe, the Middle East, and North America and taught project management for NATO’s leading IT agency.

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