Collective intelligence for the development of organizations and projects


Johanna Fransson


Today's organizational environments, projects as well as companies, are filled with knowledge workers. It is in our interest to capture as much as possible of the knowledge that colleagues and coworkers possess, not just those who make themselves seen and heard. So how do we create the conditions for an equal dialogue; how do we capture collective intelligence to develop our projects and organizations? This workshop combines a walkthrough of useful participatory processes and methods, with putting these methods to the test  and sharing experiences with each other. You will leave with new ideas and experiences from other participants, as well as concrete tools to try out in your daily work.

Speaker Biography

With a contagious commitment and great interest in communication and change management, Johanna manages processes, projects and programs in organizational development and digitization. Together with her colleagues at Arkatay Consulting, Johanna devotes a great amount of time to creating more efficient communication, meetings, training and workshops.

Talent Triangle

Strategic and  Business management - Leadership