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Katarina Cornelius


Most of us have accepted that we are in the middle of a paradigm shift; a shift in which digitalization is changing the concepts of how we communicate, collaborate and do business. There is an increasing understanding that we all need to do something to remain relevant, but are terms such as digital, digitalization and digital transformation sufficient to describe what is happening right now and to guide us in the right direction? 

With this speech I would like to provide a much broader perspective on what lies behind this paradigm shift, in which digital technology is becoming a tool more than a solution.

Speaker Biography

Katarina Cornelius is the Head of Business Transformation at Cybercom, Gothenburg. She holds a BSc in Foreign Trade and an MSc in Global Marketing. She has degrees in IT, Digital Strategy, Leadership and Japanese, and has over 20 years of experience working in the digital field. During the past seven years she has been working full-time as a speaker, accelerator and facilitator of digital business transformation where she has guided some of the world’s largest brands and companies into the new paradigm. Katarina is also author of the book "Byt Värld", published in 2016. It is currently being translated into English.

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