Framtidens metoder och arbetssätt inom projektledning


Thomas Stenbäck


How will we work with projects in a future world filled with new technological and organizational opportunities? 

How do these developments affect projects as a way of working? What will be required of these future methods and procedures in order to succeed? 

Devinncoo's research on the subject of future project management showed that 85% of respondents believe that a new, lightweight hybrid method will be used in 10 years. But what does this mean? Join us in gazing into the crystal ball; discover interesting hypotheses about our future workflow in projects, and gain insight into how to start preparing your organization for future developments.
Devinncoo AB specializes in investigating and studying future project management and has identified a number of scenarios on which direction these developments may be heading.

Speaker Biography

Thomas Stenbäck is Senior Consultant, CEO and founder of the consultancy company Devinncoo AB, which helps organizations to streamline, develop and future-proof their business - all the way from idea to outcome. Thomas has extensive experience in the areas of project management, strategic development, and future studies. 

He has worked for more than 10 years at executive management level as head of strategy and business development, including program management for major development programs. Thomas also has 25 years of project management experience, and  works for the European Commission as an independent research and innovation expert.

Talent Triangle

Strategic and Business Management & Technical Project Management