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Passion for Projects 2023 Congress

The Future of Meetings

Space Stockholm March 13-14


There is an ongoing inflation, 

a meeting inflation.

The development of information technology makes it possible to hold and attend business meetings without extensive travelling which is of course more sustainable for the environment and less time consuming. But not needing to leave our desks also gives us more time for… more meetings. Fresh numbers show that the amount of meetings we are in during a day have increased during the pandemic and the number of people in them as well. ‍

According to Microsoft, the average user saw a 252% increase in the amount of time spent in meetings each week between 2020 and 2021.

A global in-depth survey by Asana Inc 2021, talking to over 10 000 workers across Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S found that more than 55% of the working day was reported to be lost to work coordination, rather than the skilled, strategic jobs people had been hired to do.

Is a digital meeting really sustainable if it is not efficient?

Companies lose billions every year on inefficient meetings and the quality of meetings have not developed exponentially in pace with the role they play in business- and project-success today.

What is PMI's and our members' role, reason, challenges and possibilities to drive this development?

It should be a top priority of any project to have and hold more functional, productive meetings and therefor a top priority for us at PMI to build awareness, competence and knowledge around:

Meeting Culture     Meeting Management     Meeting Technology

The PMI Sweden Chapter and the project team for the Passion for Congress 2023 welcome you to participate in one of the most important meetings about meetings. If you are interested in developing your meeting management skills, curious about new meeting tech, a stakeholder or specialist in this area, or just feel passionate about the future of meetings do not hesitate to reach out to PM to contribute as a speaker, partner or volunteer. More info on program and tickets will be released in December.

Best Regards,

The Passion for Projects Congress 2023 team




Passion for Projects Congress 2023

Space Stockholm

Scandinavia's largest meeting for project professionals.

A mindblowing, uplifting, inspiring ”big meet”.

A meeting that could impact all your future meetings! 

Keynotes and interactive sessions but also a touch and feel of the latest meeting tech.

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