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Before the Metaverse, the Meeting-verse. Code gMGQL

Virtual Speech in The MetaverseDatum: 13 Mar 2023 kl 16:15PDU-Code: C181WS4D03

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Code gMGQL

Before the Metaverse, the Meeting-verse. 

The metaverse—a network of interoperable immersive virtual environments that complements and enhances the modern Internet—is not quite a reality yet, but people are increasingly adopting virtual reality (VR) devices for activities outside of gaming and socializing, such as work meetings and online classes. Since 2005, Dr. Ratan has been studying the social and psychological implications of avatars, VR, and online meetings (i.e., the components of the metaverse). This talk will build on this research as well as Dr. Ratan's experiences teaching his undergraduate courses in VR. Dr. Ratan will describe how he designs meetings in VR to optimize for engagement and learning. He will share research findings on virtual meetings related to well-being (e.g., “zoom fatigue”) and social equity (e.g., gender and race disparities). He will also discuss the psychology of avatar use and the implications of the Proteus effect—the phenomenon that people conform behaviorally to their avatars' identity characteristics—for potentially mitigating the effects of stereotype threat and toxicity in virtual meeting spaces. By attending this talk, you will be better prepared to support an accessible and inclusive future of metaverse meetings.