Till startsida

Elephant Carpaccio

High Live 4Datum: 10 mar 2020 kl 10:00PDU-Code: C181X3NXV9+

The traditional question in software development is ‘how do I divide the huge project into chunks I can understand’. It has been expressed as: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Thus the name Elephant Carpaccio. This is an interactive session giving experience on how to divide the elephant in “vertical chunks”. With vertical we mean is that the chunks are demo-able, complete, testable and releasable.

We will overdo it to give a feel for the method. 

You might think “in my case we cannot do it”. But using this method you can always

  • ·Improve your CI/CD machine to be able to deliver every day

  • ·Split the functionality into smaller stories

  • ·Test first to improve quality and stop scope creep

  • ·Involve the customer

Involve all your developers and testers to improve the delivery chain and implement the needed tools and methods to be able to divide the delivery into very small chunks.