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How nature improves health, productivity & happiness

High Live 1Datum: 10 mar 2020 kl 10:00PDU-Code: C1810BNSA9+

What do we need to make sure we deliver projects to our full potential and on time? With a rapid increase in the time we spend indoors there has been a disconnect from nature that starts in very young children through to the elderly. 

This disconnect is impacting our health with reduced physical inactivity, chronic stress and many long term conditions like diabetes & heart disease.

The session will enable participants to understand:
1. How nature impacts our health and wellbeing.
2. The origins of why we have been disconnected from nature
3. How it is possible to re-connect to nature during indoor office-based off environments.

Dr Bird will explain the science behind how connection to nature for office-based project staff is both possible and beneficial.