Till startsida

Leading Change: Mindset Matters when Leading in Uncertainty

F2Datum: 24 maj 2022 kl 11:15PDU-Code: C1819YTFD2+

In a constantly changing world targets have become moving objects and very hard to define up front. Different levels of complexity also adds to the challenge. In projects where the goals are moving objects, our project teams need to interact with the world around us to a larger extent. To move forward we need to react and iterate due to reactions and learnings from the outside.

Building trust is crucial to be able to be innovative and creative and to create common ground for your teams. This is the main factor that could break or make agile transformation (or any transformation as such). Two of our favorite tools used to set up our teams for success, is to invest in A Shared Dynamic Mindset  and Guiding Principles.*

*These tools will be explored further in our interactive workshops during the afternoon 

Key take away: The importance of creating a foundation for your team to be able to run with any project with undefined objectives