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Project Managers - Brace the X - factor of Digital transformation for success


The digital revolution has brought massive changes in technology advancement. Organizations are now exploring innovative and often fundamental changes in their business processes to incorporate digital solutions. This process, coined as digital transformation, is a change that companies should explore in order to remain competitive in the digital economy. But is it only about efficiency - saving time and money, or cool technology, or slick interfaces or staying ahead of the competition?

Research from Gartner, MIT SLOAN, Forbes suggest the pivotal challenge of any digital transformation – The X factor of the digital transformation is the Xperience, the Customer Xperience, the Employee Xperience, the Partner Xperience CX: To make digital transformation successful, the customer should have superior connected experience. 

This would require new approaches to tracking customer pain points and trends, as well as agile pipelines for building products and services to address problems quickly.

- EX:  Employees are in a unique position to recognize customer feedback patterns and relay them to other parts of the organization to drive change

-PX: Organizations have channel partners that control a significant part of the actual experience with customers. So, channel partner experience has a direct impact on the customer experience as well. Can Agile values and principles can be a lever for change, enabling our organizations to build the next generation of powerful digital experiences? Can Agile help in bringing the transformation out from the IT department to our customers, employees and our partners to the customer experience ecosystem?

In this session Priya will

1. Explore the goals and challenges of digital transformation

2. Identify the X- factor of any digital transformation program

3. How we as a team applied these agile values and principles to improve the X – factor of a digital transformation program of digitally tracking a product from inception- implementation to retirement

4. A Project Managers role in improving the X- factor of such programs