2018 Key Note Talare

  • Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

    Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

    “The Value of Project Management” PMI’s 2017 Pulse of the Profession®

  • Michael Nir

    Michael Nir

    The Agile PMO – Practical Value Driven Change Leadership in Projects
    and Portfolios

  • Katarina Cornelius

    Katarina Cornelius

    Shift your mindset to grow. A pathway into the new paradigm; the Networking

  • Mark Kozak-Holland

    Mark Kozak-Holland

    Organizational Agility and its Impact on Projects

Teknisk projektledning

  • Daniel Borgentun

    Daniel Borgentun

    Scaling Agile Way of Working

  • Brad Bigelow

    Brad Bigelow

    Why Program Management is Essential for IT Projects

  • Thomas Stenbäck

    Thomas Stenbäck

    Framtidens metoder och arbetssätt inom projektledning

  • Sofia Nyholm

    Sofia Nyholm

    Foster international collaboration and sustainability solutions – Lessons learned from international high-speed rail projects

  • Elham Nikookhesal

    Elham Nikookhesal

    Agility in Practice – a showcase from the pharma industry

  • Stina Rigstedt

    Stina Rigstedt

    Agility in Practice – a showcase from the pharma industry

  • Andreas Ahlberg

    Andreas Ahlberg

    From traditional waterfall to agile development

  • Klas Skogmar

    Klas Skogmar

    Practice your WBS skills on an agile case

  • Karin Rosén

    Karin Rosén

    The benefits of collaboration in the construction industry!

  • Emily Luijbregts

    Emily Luijbregts

    The questions you should be asking your Project Team

  • Mattias Khaki

    Mattias Khaki

    Agility according to Mr Khaki. From hardware to culture to emotions.

Ledarskap och coachning

  • Björn Fagerström

    Björn Fagerström

    Managing critical decisions - A key to successful project execution

  • Penny Pullan

    Penny Pullan

    Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best out of your Virtual
    Projects and Virtual Teams

  • Ann-Louice Hammarberg

    Ann-Louice Hammarberg

    Agile administration of methods and models - does it work?

  • Andrew Kallman

    Andrew Kallman

    Flow: Get everyone moving in the right direction ... and loving it

  • Annette Wendin

    Annette Wendin

    Agile change leadership for a successful implementation of new behaviors

  • Maryam Ghorban

    Maryam Ghorban

    The understanding of neuropsychology in tomorrow’s leadership

  • Fredrik Nilsson

    Fredrik Nilsson

    From project management to collaboration through leadership

  • Jennie Bergman

    Jennie Bergman

    From project management to collaboration through leadership

  • Johnny Fyrman

    Johnny Fyrman

    Södra IT’s journey in the valuation and prioritization of ideas and projects

Strategi och företagsledning

  • Stefan Gustavsson

    Stefan Gustavsson

    West Sweden – A dynamic region

  • Marisa Silva

    Marisa Silva

    Agility to all: the Agile PMO

  • Love Lönnroth

    Love Lönnroth

    Increasing Organizational Agility through Action Learning

  • Mark Smalley

    Mark Smalley

    Kill DevOps

  • Konstantinos Viglas

    Konstantinos Viglas

    Swedish Project Review 2018 – Embracing Agility

  • Henrik Bagewitz

    Henrik Bagewitz

    Swedish Project Review 2018 – Embracing Agility

  • Fredrik Lagerström

    Fredrik Lagerström

    From standalone projects to a consolidated strategic project portfolio

Interactive Sessions

  • Jennifer Teodorsson

    Jennifer Teodorsson

    Your professional development - Workshop

  • Mark Smalley (Interactive Session)

    Mark Smalley (Interactive Session)

    Behave yourself!

  • Theofanis Giotis

    Theofanis Giotis

    Agile and Scrum as Organizational Change Agents

  • Johanna Fransson

    Johanna Fransson

    Collective intelligence for the development of organizations and projects