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Alicia Medina PhD

Dr. Alicia Medina is a boundary spanner, working both at the academia as Associate Professor of Management at Umeå School of Business and Economy (USBE) in Sweden and in the industry where she works with Organizational Development and Digitalization for International corporations.

She holds a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Gothenburg University, Sweden, a BSc in Work Psychology from Lund University, Sweden and a PhD in Strategy, Programme and Project Management from SKEMA, France.

Alicia is an active researcher in the areas of Project Management, Competence development in project intensive organizations, Ethics in organizations and Organizational Design

Alicia Medina will present the essence of the book that she co-authored with Dr. Eduardo Lopez from Belmont University:

“Ethics in Project Management, Small Sins Allowed and the Line of Impunity”

She will take us through several project examples where ethical dilemmas have existed and will links those examples to the digital era. The current digitalization and data management trends, lead to new ethical dilemmas that will be illustrated.

Your participation in this seminar will contribute by bringing new insights to the topic. At the end of the presentation we are going to use an instant survey to co-create future steps. 

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  • tisdag mars 12 2019
    • 11.30
      B12Ethics in Project Management, Small Sins Allowed and the Line of Impunity+Alicia MedinaAlicia Medina