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Anette Hallin

Anette Hallin is Associate Professor in Business Studies at Mälardalen University where she teaches and performs research on projects and digitalization. She has, together with Tina Karrbom-Gustavsson (The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), written a basic textbook called “Project management” which is used at many universities and other institutions. In the book Anette and Tina describe how project management differs depending on if the project is “goal seeking” or “goal oriented”. The 3rd edition of the book will be available during 2019. The same year, a book on change management written by Anette and two experienced change management consultants, will also be published. Anette is a highly sought-after speaker and writes regular blogs for PMI Sweden. To follow her and her colleagues’ research on digitalization, please read the weekly news at the research program’s webpage: 


The digital practice of project managers

There is a lot of buzz about digitalization right now. But which digital technologies do project managers use in their daily work? How, and with what results? In her presentation, Anette Hallin presents the result from a research study where project managers from different countries and industries were interviewed about their use of digital tools. She also discusses the concept of “digitalization” and what increased digitalization means for the world of projects. Finally, she reflects upon what project management in a post-digital era could look like.

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