Agility in Practice – a showcase from the pharma industry


Elham Nikookhesal & Stina Rigstedt


The presenters will take you on an intense journey of a high priority drug project, from deal signed to a major milestone. The journey will cover the default drug project management process at AstraZeneca, but will highlight the special circumstances for this specific project. The focus will be on the close collaboration between Project Manager and Information Manager, who managed to raise the technical project management skills to a new level towards a successful team delivery.

Speaker Biography

Elham Nikookhesal, IMED Project Manager, AstraZeneca Gothenburg

MSc in Molecular Biology, Health University of Linköping, Sweden

Been with AstraZeneca since 2004, current role since 2015 supporting early development cardiovascular/metabolic and respiratory diseases.

Talent Triangle

Technical project management