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Eva Vati

Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals may be the worlds biggest project ever! They lead the way and are an urgent call for all people engaged in the field of project management. 

Projects are means to make change happen, deliver new productsand services, and thus shape our society. Projects and project management help our society to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability shouldn’t just be an afterthought but should be one of the project’s goals. Thus, project management needs to consider sustainability as one, if not the most important, success factors. We are the change! 

Eva Vati is CEO and Founder of VATI of Sweden and board member for listed companies on the Stockholm Stock exchange. She is an official Ambassador and Advocate for the organisationTeachSDGs and has been selected as Business Mentor to the United Nations Youth Investment Readiness Program, SDSNYouth. Eva is also an expert advisor to the United Nations Women regarding gender equality, diversity and inclusion.