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Fredrik Agert

Fredrik's passion is to help people find the solutions to their problems without fully understanding the solution. He uses neuroleadership, that combines modern neuroscience with leadership, to help people find the solution by themselves. 

The best part about that is that everyone finds it more fun to work with something that you find the solution to yourself instead of someone pointing their hand to the direction for you to go.

Fredrik is an experienced project manager, agile coach and scrum master  with roots in development and architecture.  He has  been working around ten years as a developer, and around five years as architect before he  different leading roles, such as line manager, scrum master, product owner, project manager, program manager etc.

Privately I am learning new skills and try to improve these skills, currently astrophotography, nature photography, disc golf, cycling and model flight.

My background is MsEE from Lund Technical University 1987, I have been working since 1986 mostly in Research & Development for Product Development.