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Jonas & Hjalmar

Jonas Denvall is a management consultant with a passion for bridging the gap between good practice for Sustainability and good practice for Project Management. He is deeply involved in several ISO standards development, including ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement, and ISO 21505 Governance of Project, Program and Portfolio Management. Jonas is the founder of Arkatay Consulting AB, and regularly delivers trainings and seminars on the topic of Sustainable Project Management. In 2017 to 2018, Jonas was tasked by United Nations Environment to lead an international team of expert consultants to revise global program for policy development in the area of Sustainable Procurement. 

Hjalmar Bardh Olsson is a management consultant specializing on Sustainable Procurement. With a true passion for contributing to social services and issues, Hjalmar has spent the last 10 years on improving purchaser-supplier relations and processes in business domains such as welfare services, integration, public procurement and project management. He is a nominated subject matter expert in the development of the national standard SS 854000, “Management system for sustainability in communities”. In 2017 to 2018, Hjalmar was hired by UN Environment as a methodology expert in Sustainable Public Procurement and Project/Program Management. 

Working with UN Environment - collaborative development in a multinational & virtual team

How do you setup a strong virtual team spanning 4 continents? What lessons can be learned from a multinational project with UN Environment, involving government representatives from 17 nations? 

In this seminar, we will learn how to build a well performing virtual team using only virtual communication tools. We will also listen to the key lessons learned from a project to revise UN Environment’s SPP Approach, a program to support governments to develop national policy for Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP). The seminar will share recommendations on topics such as virtual team development, multicultural workshop facilitation, and global good practice for Sustainable Procurement and Sustainable Project Management. 

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