The benefits of collaboration in the construction industry!

Karin Rosén




The profits in construction and real estate projects are not just about money or time, but also about transferring, disseminating and sharing knowledge and information, as well as lessons learned, at a time when there is a lack of skills and resources. This presentation is about how to maximize the profits of projects through collaboration, not just the economic aspects. Collaboration requires good methods, tools, space for implementation, and good leadership and project management. It also requires transparency and openness - something the construction and real estate industry lacks.

Speaker Biography

Karin is CEO and owner of Wahlros Byggprojektledning AB - she works with large complex projects in the construction and real estate industry. Karin has 30 years in the profession (from contractor to client and consultant), of which 7 years as self-employed, along with 16 other project managers. She dedicates every day to making our industry better at sharing knowledge and resources through collaboration!

Talent triangle 

Technical project management.