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Ketil Espenæs

Ketil Espenæs is a business unit manager for the management consulting department in Bouvet Norge. In addition to being a leader he is advising businesses to define their digital roadmaps, both on a tactical and strategic level. On an extracurricular basis he is a volunteer in PMI Norway Chapter. Ketil also has a passion for retrogaming, professional wrestling, music and staying in shape.

The role of the Business Analyst in digital and disruptive projects

In todays digital transfomation organizations have to compete in an uncertain and complex environment with constantly changing business models. The Business Analyst has always been essential when bridging the gap between business and IT. But now the role of the business analyst is even more important knowing how to utilize emerging technology to make new, improved and more efficient business processes. They are shifting from a project focused approach to process digitalization targeting end user experience through adopting agile approaches realizing business value in shorter increments. This talk will be about these challenges, how to approach them and show examples from real life cases.

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  • måndag mars 11 2019
    • 16.45
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