Agility to all: the Agile PMO


Marisa Silva


As a mindset, agility is on the rise and is nowadays an imperative for any organization that wants to remain current and, more importantly, survive in a world where change is the new normal. While different methodologies and approaches have been developed for projects and project managers to embrace agility, limited guidelines are available to PMOs. However, PMOs are probably the organizational entities that need them the most; not only do they inform and centralize project management practices, but they also have a bad reputation as bureaucratic, slow supportive bodies. PMOs need Agile too!

With a thought-provoking approach, this seminar will introduce the concept of the Agile PMO, distinguish between doing agile and being agile, and give you practical hints and tips on how to get your PMO to the next level: the big A.

Speaker Biography

Marisa Silva, the Lucky PM, is an experienced trainer, speaker, and certified PMO and PPM consultant, with a track record of building capabilities in complex organizations undergoing transformational change. A passionate advocate of the value of PMOs and project management, she is Secretary of the APM PMO SIG and Programs Director at Project Managers Without Borders. Marisa is senior consultant at Wellingtone, and the founder of in2PMO, a specialist PMO and business transformation consultancy firm dedicated to help organizations deliver impactful and sustainable business value from their PMOs, projects and programs. Marisa is also the author of Bedtime Stories for Project Managers.

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