The understanding of neuropsychology in tomorrow’s leadership


Maryam Ghorban


In recent years, researchers have been working intensively to implement the latestbrain research findings in business. They have in these efforts come to realize thatthe average person’s knowledge of how the brain works is basically non-existent.In order to understand how humans work and why they act as they do in givensituations, neuropsychology should be of utmost importance for management asthe fundament of every company is their employees, individuals with their owncognitive schemas and preconceptions.Successful leaders of tomorrow will need to understand the inner workings of thehuman brain and how to harness its potential.

Speaker Biography

Maryam Ghorban is a Quality Management Consultant with a background insocial science and a bachelor degree in psychology. Maryam has more thanfour years of experience within quality assurance, investigational work,organizational culture, human relations and business development. In recentyears, Maryam has focused on implementing neuro-psychology in her work asa quality management consultant as organizations need to create anawareness on this matter to be able to assure quality in business.

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