Agile and Scrum as Organizational Change Agents


Theofanis Giotis


Organizations are either doing business as usual (BAU) or running projects. In most cases, organizations are governed by functional divisions called ‘silos’ and use a hierarchical management approach to do their business.

Push management, waste, context switching and multitasking are present everywhere. As Stephen Denning once said: “If there would be a Nobel Prize for management, it should be given to Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, and Mike Cohn for their contribution to Scrum!”.

Agile and Scrum seems to be the only way to remove multitasking, eliminate waste, reduce context switching, and allow organizations to grow using a “pull management” approach instead of a “push management” approach.

Speaker Biography

Theofanis Giotis has been managing projects and programs in the EMEA region since 1987 and has 30 years of professional experience in Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Economics, as well as Management and Software Development. He is a Thought Leader, Chief Storyteller, Agile Coach, Instructor, Consultant, Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur and senior Project/Program Manager. As an entrepreneur, consultant, international speaker and trainer, Theofanis has worked in different cultural environments in EMEA region. He is CEO of ITEC-CONSULTING (12PM Consulting) since 1988, and was the first President of The Greek Chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI-GREECE) from 2005 to 2014. He teaches Agile, Project, Program and Portfolio Management at postgraduate level at four universities. 

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