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Passion for Projects 2023 Congress - The Future of Meetings  has lined up some of the very best in their field and they are all very passionate about the future of meetings! 

Meet inspiring and experienced specialists, reseachers, meeting facilitators,  project managers, influencers, strategists and futurists. 

The program is still under construction and we will update this page continuously!



  • Antoni Lacinai

    Antoni Lacinai

    Antoni Lacinai is The Workplace Communication Expert and a global speaker, who is on a mission to help organisations be more productive and have more fun at work, utilising a unique blueprint based on research and psychology. Well-known companies such as Ericsson, Mitsubishi and Hugo Boss have been coached by Antoni over the years and he is the author of more than 10 books on the subject of developing meetings.


  • Wioleta Kicman

    Wioleta Kicman

    Organizational Change and Transformation Professional
    Over 10 years of experience delivering business change and transformation initiatives in public and private sector give Viola a unique perspective on human behavior and factors that influence it. That’s why in her work she focuses on the people side of business change to ensure organizational readiness to adopt new ways of working.

    As an active change practitioner, Viola delivered projects for NHS, Transport for London, EY, Becton Dickinson as well as UK local authorities. In her current role at a leading global clinical research organization (CRO), she designs and executes change implementation and communication strategies, and supports leaders in creating and delivering change adoption plans adjusted to the specifics of their business areas.

    Viola holds a master’s degree in Public Health and is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Change Management Practitioner, Agile Change Agent (ACA), Prosci Certified Change Practitioner and Managing Successful Programs Practitioner.

  • Grzegorz Szalajko

    Grzegorz Szalajko

    Strategic Project Management Advisor
    Over 20 years as a project management professional, including over a decade of supporting organizations in major strategic initiatives and transformations as an advisor, allowed Grzegorz to build a deep insight on how organizations work. That’s why he focuses on systemic effects that shape the way people and entire organizations behave.

    His professional experience includes cooperation with global companies as well as with local market leaders in several industries. Grzegorz is also a co-author of the Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects published by PMI and a lead editor of the global project evaluation standard Project Excellence Baseline issued by IPMA. He also contributed to several other international standards. In addition, he is a lecturer in several international MBA and Executive MBA programs, and a valued speaker regularly invited to participate in national and international events in the field of management. Awarded many times for development programs and mentoring in ​​project management.

    Grzegorz holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and Sociology. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), International Certified Coach (ICC), Project Excellence Baseline Professional, Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

  • Charlotta Rydholm

    Charlotta Rydholm

    Charlotta combines perspectives, facilitation and an inclusive learning methodology, thus making organizations, brands and ideas prosper.
    She is a Senior facilitator, Learning developer, Writer and Enabler. Her work in the world of advertising and communication has
    resulted in a number of national and international awards. Charlotta runs the creative concept Soffice, which over the years has brought thousands of people with different perspectives to meet and prosper.
    Charlotta is also the author of 6 books on the subject of embracing change as an individual, as a group and as an organisation.

  • Bruno Kahne

    Bruno Kahne

    CMA CGM Academy delivers physical classroom, virtual classroom and e-learning solutions on hard and soft skills tothe 154,000 employees of CMA CGM Group, a global playerin Shipping, Logistics and Air Cargo. Bruno is an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach in individual and team development. He has managed projects, talked at conferences and trained on the seven continents. He is the author ofthe book "Deaf Tips, Powerful Communication," twelve lessons from the Deaf world to improve our communication in our personal, social, and professional life.

  • Micke Darmell

    Micke Darmell

    Micke has been a professional speaker for 15 years and a moderator for 30 years. His lectures are imbued with warmth, inspiration and concrete tools and advice. He has experience from most industries and his subjects all have a relationship to. The topics he lectures on are meeting culture, the art of getting plenty of time, relationships and hospitality, and he has written several books specifically about meetings.

  • Iwo Szapar

    Iwo Szapar

    Iwo Szapar is Remote-first Activist. Since 2017, as the CEO of Remote-how, and co-founder of the Remote-First Institute, he has helped 2,500+ companies (including Walmart, ING Bank, and Microsoft) optimize their distributed workforce. He wrote the book "Remote Work Is The Way" and was featured in Forbes, BBC, and Business Insider. Over the last five years, he has worked remotely while living in 15 different countries. Iwo is a dog lover, amateur surfer, and DJ. While not working, he reads history books and follows international affairs.

  • Thomas de Ming

    Thomas de Ming

    Thomas has always been beyond the established horizon of thought and at the forefront of innovation. It has been that way ever since he was involved in the start of the Tom Tits Experiment and then helped Scania, Siemens, Stadium and Sectra to develop their project work methods. He has also trained hundreds of professors and PhD students to make their research available outside their own domains of knowledge. He now works in many different industries, sectors and types of organizations to improve improvement work, innovate innovation processes and develop methods and tools that can develop new methods and tools.

  • Jaro Horvath

    Jaro Horvath

    A creative problem solver, collaborator, and a global citizen, Jaro has improved leadership capacity, strategy execution, and alignment in global organizations ranging from Shark Tank participants, Fortune 100 companies, global NGOs, and government agencies. In line with PMI’s mission to empower people make ideas a reality, Jaro has helped audiences, teams, and project professionals around the globe leverage the power of the Wicked Problem Solving system to solve problems, create breakthroughs, lead teams, and transform meetings to a strategic tool where deep work happens and people get energized. A graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management, Jaro is a native of Slovakia, loves the great outdoors, adventure travel, and resides in the Grand Canyon State, Arizona.

Interactive Sessions

  • Johanna Olsson

    Johanna Olsson

    Johanna Olsson is one of the founders of The Hows, and the author of the book "Being close at a distance - to lead and collaborate remotely". She has worked globally with facilitation, learning design, leadership, team development and creative processes for +15 years. She is trained Kaospilot, certified in Distributed management and has deep experience in designing and delivering meaningful online learning experiences for hybrid and digital teams.

  • Fredrik Bauer

    Fredrik Bauer

    Fredrik Bauer is on a quest to save the world from inefficient meetings. When seated in yet another boring meeting with no new information he had enough! At the same time Fredrik received positive feedback for his way to run creative meetings, workshops, and conferences. He knew that there was a better way to have meetings. Fredrik Bauer is the author of two books and has initiated different surveys about meeting habits. He is a highly appreciated Keynote speaker, Trainer and Meeting-PT that is helping companies, organisations and individuals to have efficient meetings with active participants.

  • Pia Villför Larsson

    Pia Villför Larsson

    Pia discovered the power of facilitation in 1995 as an lT project manager at Telia.
    Thanks to facilitation, the project's lead time could be cut in half. 1998-2003 at
    Ericsson she worked as management consultant and since 2003 as owner of
    Facilitatorhuset (www.facilitatorhuset.se). She was among the first 4 in Sweden with
    an lnternational Certificate in Facilitation in 2005 (lAF) and subsequently a Master in
    Facilitation in 2021 (lAF). Wrote the book " Kick-start your work meetings - a
    handbook for facilitators" in 2005 and founded the Swedish facilitator network in
    2007 where she is now board chairman.

  • Johan Lundell

    Johan Lundell

    Johan Lundell comes from the realm of words and linguistics. With a linguistic conceptual apparatus, he has analyzed several hundred symbol systems/notations. Through his award-winning company Nodd AB, which he started in 2015, he helps companies break the shackles of words and present information in condensed, visual ways.

Virtual Speakers

  • Rabindra Ratan

    Rabindra Ratan

    Rabindra (Robby) Ratan (PhD, University of Southern California; MA/BA, Stanford University) is Associate Professor and Director of the SPARTIE Lab at Michigan State University (CV). Dr. Ratan conducts social and psychological research on the effects of human-technology interaction, focusing on how media technologies (e.g., avatars, video games, agents/AI, VR) influence meaningful outcomes (e.g., equity, well-being, motivation) across societal contexts (e.g., education, health, industry). He is particularly interested in the Proteus effect (i.e., avatar characteristics influencing user behaviors), gender stereotypes in gaming, and virtual meetings. Dr. Ratan has also received multiple teaching awards and presently teaches his classes in virtual reality.