Till startsida

Boosting Team Performance Through a Systemic Approach

Hall ZEEDatum: 11 Mar 2024 kl 14:30PDU-Code: C181FQDEXF+

An interactive workshop where we delve into the art of enhancing team performance using a systemic approach. In this session, we'll employ the principles of systems dynamics and causal loop diagrams to uncover and understand the intricate web of factors influencing team dynamics. Participants will actively engage in identifying key areas for improvement within a team's operations. By mapping out these elements and their interconnections, we'll develop a holistic view of team performance, enabling us to pinpoint effective strategies for fostering a more cohesive and high-performing team. This workshop is ideal for team leaders, managers, and members looking to elevate their team's efficacy through a deeper understanding of systemic relationships and feedback loops in their work environment.