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Breaking Barriers & Achieving Change for Good!

Hall UMIDatum: 12 Mar 2024 kl 14:00PDU-Code: C181EIJQL2+

We strongly believe that If you want your organization to be able to continuously adapt to the disruptive changes in the world and become truly innovative - why not treat your change project portfolio as seriously as you treat your core business?
Discover the power of breaking different organizational barriers in order to achieve successful and lasting change in your organization! This is a session where we will discuss how effective communication can be powered by the right data, empowering your employees, propelling positive change in line with company goals. We will try to unravel the secrets to transformative success.
Daniel and Andreas will explore the intersection of effective communication and the acquisition of relevant data. Delve into the art of driving positive change as we navigate through obstacles, empowering ourselves with insights that redefine success.