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YES! - AI can make the PMO stronger

Hall HAVDatum: 11 Mar 2024 kl 15:45PDU-Code: C181Z9PIUU+

AI doesn’t just write your emails, it can support the PMO beyond generating text. In this session, Jacob Hansen from Projectum shows you 7 tried-and-tested use cases for AI in the PMO - with live demos of course! Jacob was one of the frontrunners in implementing AI tools in PMOs, so he’ll give you a take from real life on what AI means for the future. The impact of AI What’s the difference? Uncovering Microsoft AI, ChatGPT, and Copilot AI use cases & live demos:

+ Status reporting

+ SWOT analysis

+ Scheduling

+ Risk logs

+ OKRs

+ Portfolio Summaries

+ Gate decisions