Till startsida

Don't miss the Evening Event at  Passion for Projects Congress 2024

When: March 11th 

Dinner, Food, Music and Mingle

We'll wrap up the first day of the congress at Sea U in Helsingborg with the one of the best cover bands in the region. The evening starts with something to drink, a well deserved dinner and then Prebens Pågar will increase the mood even further.


Timing :

18.30     Drink

19.00     Dinner

20.30     Prebens Pågar

22.30     Disco with Bertil

0.00       End

Prebens Pågar is a local cover band which has been entertaining audiences for the last 30 years. They have played with most, ( except Kal P Dal ), southern artists in different constellations. 

The band has released 19 albums and most of their music is available on Spotify / iTunes.  

The theme of the congress this year is "Innovation and Empowered Change" and we can't wait to meet you on the dance floor or in our lounge club area where delegates, speakers and partners can network.

Greetings the Passion for Projects Congress 2024 project team and Prebens Pågar.